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淘宝合买大厅 www.xwona.tw ReSample mac版是一款新生代音频编辑器,具有:流畅的波形浏览与编辑、人声消除、时长拉伸、音高调节、可执行自定义任务的批量处理、多段压缩等特色功能……

ReSample Mac – 新生代音频编辑工具 <span style='color:#ff0000;'>v1.1.0</span>
所属分类:音频编辑 平台:Mac Os | 系统:OS X 10.7及以上 大?。?1.74MB | 语言:多国语言[中文] | 授权:破解 最后更新:2017年03月29日


ReSample是知您网搜集到的Mac os平台上由第二感音频科技公司推出的一款专业音频编辑和采样工具,支持win、mac等操作系统,它为用户提供了现化的界面和丰富实用的音频处理功能,包括了波形浏览编辑、人声消除、音频时间拉长、调节音调以及对音频进行多段压缩等多种操作,有需要的快快下载吧!


  • 流畅的波形浏览与编辑:用鼠标、触摸板(多点触控)和键盘,均可做到流畅迅速的波形浏览,缩放和剪辑
  • 人声消除:简洁快速地消除或提取中置人声
  • 时长拉伸:改变声音的速度,但不影响声音的音高(可实时预览)
  • 音高调节:改变声音的音高,但不影响声音的速度(可实时预览)
  • 多段压缩:可以对低频,中低频,中高频和高频的声音信号进行压缩响度的调整
  • 响度统计表:对声音文件的标准化响度统计(遵循ITU-R BS.1770-2 和 EBU R128标准)


  • 始终在Touch Bar上看到全局音频波形,并可通过触摸快速跳转播放位置(需使用带有Touch Bar的MacBook Pro笔记本电脑)
  • 流畅的音频波形浏览与编辑,可快速缩放和选择,触摸板多点触控进行波形浏览。
  • 流畅的录音功能。
  • 声谱浏览。
  • 方便快捷地消除/提取中置人声。
  • 对多个频段进行动态的响度压缩或放大处理。
  • 直接对采样点进行查看和编辑。
  • 基于采样的降噪处理
  • 配备均衡器,人声消除,变速变调,混响,降噪,工程滤波器等多于20个音频处理功能。
  • 稳定的高阶工程滤波器(巴特沃兹低通滤波器可达100阶稳定)。
  • 实时频谱(配有频率估计功能)。
  • 界面清晰且操作简单的均衡器。
  • 可自定义的渐变功能。
  • 可自定义的多普勒效果。
  • 高质量高保真的采样率转换处理。
  • 支持Mac和Windows。在Windows上支持ASIO。
  • 支持多种编码格式:PCM(.wav, .aif), FLAC(.flac), VORBIS(.ogg), MP3(.mp3), AAC(.m4a, 仅Mac版)。
  • 支持VST和AudioUnit效果插件: Windows版支持VST插件;Mac版支持 AudioUnit和VST插件。

ReSample内置的音频处理功能(所有内置音频处理 / DSP 均为自主研发):

  • 采样率/采样精度转换
  • 响度
  • 渐变
  • 压缩器
  • 多频段压缩器
  • 均衡器
  • 工程滤波器
  • 合唱
  • 移相
  • 延迟
  • 简易混响
  • 混响
  • 立体声增强
  • 时长和音高调节(变速变调)
  • 音高自动修正
  • 降噪
  • 去除嘶音
  • 人声消除/提取
  • 多普勒效果
  • 示波器
  • 实时频谱(含音高估计)
  • 相位表
  • 响度统计表(ebur128)


An intuitive audio editor featuring waveform display and multiple tools for altering a song, with additional recording options and a built-in equalizer. Designed to provide a comprehensive audio editing toolbox, ReSample can analyze and alter different types of audio files. With a stylish and very well-organized interface, it delivers a carefully-thought set of features that concur to enhance the way your songs sound.

A waveform viewer and quick content altering for the input audio files
Most of the main window is occupied by the waveform viewer. You start by opening a file or creating a new one, with a custom sample rate, bit depth, and number of channels.

Thanks to the built-in audio player, you can listen to a song before and after modifications are made. What is interesting is that ReSample enables you to operate any changes directly on the waveform of the audio file.

One of the most frequent tasks is to remove unneeded content, such as ads, from the song. You can achieve this by selecting the desired section and using the dedicated options in the context menu. It’s also possible to add new content to a song, all thanks to the built-in audio recorder. Just click on the area where you want the recorder to start, press the ‘Record’ button and use the microphone to capture sound and place it directly within the waveform.

A desirable tool collection for audio processing
One of the highlights of ReSample stands in the generous collection of audio processing tools. It allows sample rate/depth conversion, audio normalization and features amplification and fading tools.

Thanks to the integrated equalizer, you can experiment with different parameters to decide which configuration is the best. To make things easier, ReSample comes with a set of presets you can use if you don’t want to put yourself to the trouble of creating a custom one.

ReSample allows multiband compression, and delivers pitch correction, quick voice removal, and noise reduction. Also, it features a built-in oscilloscope, a spectrum viewer, a loudness meter, and a phasescope.

Your own personal audio processing studio
The powerful audio processors of ReSample are among its strong points. Along with a modern-looking GUI and comprehensive options, ReSample delivers exactly what it promises: a versatile mixing and editing application that can easily pass as a home audio studio.


ReSample Mac – 新生代音频编辑工具 <span style='color:#ff0000;'>v1.1.0</span>的预览图ReSample Mac – 新生代音频编辑工具 <span style='color:#ff0000;'>v1.1.0</span>的预览图ReSample Mac – 新生代音频编辑工具 <span style='color:#ff0000;'>v1.1.0</span>的预览图ReSample Mac – 新生代音频编辑工具 <span style='color:#ff0000;'>v1.1.0</span>的预览图




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